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PAUL CLIFF  BaHons (1st), MA (DIST).


Born in Stretford, Manchester in the mid 60's.


Schooled in Droylsden in the mid 70's.

Studied photography at Tameside College before going to work as an assistant photographer at Colour 061 in Salford in the mid 80's. 


Laboratory manager of the boutique processing house Colourwheel in the mid 90s.

Freelance photographer 00s to now.

Paul is a graduate of Manchester school of Art:


Photography BaHons (1st class) 2017.

Photography & Film Making MA (Dinstinction) 2018.

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Tel: +44 (0) 7753 141 442


Paul Cliff




Paul Cliff is a freelance photographer and photographic artist based in the northwest of England specialising in all types of on-location photography: Photography projects; Portraiture; Still life; Editorial; Events and Weddings.